Toilet Seat Spray Dispensers and Units

The toilet seat is a common ground whether we like it or not. You can choose the ultimate solution for bacteria-free toilet seats which is available at an affordable price at our company.

The Toilet Seat Spray Units are designed to guarantee a disease-free experience especially in high-traffic washroom units. This amazing spray offers each individual the opportunity to sanitise and destroy toilet seats bacteria before and after each use.

The Toilet Seat Spray comes with a viable design that reduces wasteful leakage. It is a cost-effective solution that reduces costs and especially saves up your health. The sleek designed unit fits perfect within the cubicle and wont over crowed the female bathroom, it will actually compliment the sanitary disposal units adding the ultimate protection in feminine hygiene services for your washroom.

Eliminate Toilet Seat Bacteria Today
The Toilet Seat Spray functions as an anti-bacteria liquid with quick drying to prevent moisture and humid environment for bacteria development. Plus, the spray has a success rate of 100%, eliminating completely the common germs. Elegant designed pouches which are delivered for free when you order the Toilet Seat Spray ensure an easy refill and efficient movement.

This easy-breezy solution is a powerful enemy of bacteria and cross-contamination. It is the ultimate barrier against bacteria and unpleasant stains.

Choose the sanitary options of the Anti-Bacterial Toilet Seat Spray:

  • Eliminates all common bacteria on and around toilet seat, reaching toilet fixtures, décor, small fittings and details;
  • Ultra quick drying preventing the creation of a pro-bacteria environment;
  • Pleasant and lasting perfume;
  • High-capacity for prolonged use;

Each product comes with a clear description about the usage and the particularities of the Toilet Seat Spray. Our extensive washroom services follow 100% hygiene standards, of proven high-quality and practical use.

Enjoy a fresh and sanitised environment! Choose health and comfort!
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