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Adelaide Washroom and Hygiene Services

When was the last time you assessed your washroom services and hygiene products on your premises? Our onsite audit will give you a better understanding on how we can revamp and implement a quality cost effective solution for your hygiene and sanitary waste management for your washroom.

Don’t allow your washrooms to run at risk with poor hygiene standards. It can potentially lead to virus, infection and sickness amongst your visitors, customers as well as employees. Leave your washroom hygiene standards in the hands of the experts at Adelaide Washroom Services. Our tailored approach helps us understand the environment and what is most suitable for your washroom areas, to ultimately deliver the right system at the right price whilst maintaining the highest hygiene quality control and standards.

The workplace requires a certain level of expectations when it comes to the hygiene standards and the area can become compromised with cross contamination very quickly if the right systems are not in place. For example, microorganisms and airborne pathogens thrive in enclosed moist environments, and that is exactly where our product range tackles this battle head on, especially in the high flow areas.

Washroom up keep and maintenance is an absolute necessity to maintain a healthy wellbeing and well respected work place environment. In order to maintain a quality washroom we provide our clients with a comprehensive list of services and products specific to the particular washroom area. We can tailor the installation process of dispensers and hardware, as well as maintaining regular service and checks on all the devices to make sure the environment is hygienically friendly all year around.

We are proud of supplying highly effective washroom and hygiene solutions, and are supported by our fully trained and qualified professional service technicians, who ensure that we offer localised services of the highest quality in line with industry best practice standards.

Excellent hygiene is a key component of a happy, healthy business. We will handle all your washroom needs offering complete hygiene solutions tailored to your business needs, so you can focus on your business activities.

When was the last time you reviewed your washroom, hygiene and sanitary waste management solutions? The industry has recently undergone advancements in technology which can actually save your business money whilst maintaining a cleaner and healthier environment. Sometimes the simple things like an aromatic bathroom and easy to use dispensers can make all the difference in your washroom.

Check out our current specials and offers we have running this year. Here is a closer look at our on site audit valued at $127. We believe it is the most comprehensive consultation you will receive in Adelaide. We take the time to analyse every component of your washroom. If you have already been using washroom services for some time and have not had a recent update, we can show you how to cut costs and start saving instantly while also increasing your hygiene standards.

If your business is looking for a quality and cost effective washroom services for your new premises, we will show you how. Our team will put together for you a comprehensive cost forecast and structure your washrooms to get the most out of the space creating an efficient practical and hygienically safe environment. Call us any time during regular business hours to see how we can help. In special circumstances, we are also available around the clock to assist in your new set up.

We offer a wide variety of washroom, hygiene and sanitary services. Take a look at some of the services below:

Washroom consultation and audit: We undertake comprehensive site audits, to ensure that our advice regarding product and service selection is accurate and based on actual need. Call us, or fill out the form on our website.

Air freshener services: A clean vibrant aroma can make all the different on your premises, eliminating bad odour and giving a warming fragrance. Our air freshener dispensers are digitally programable to your fragrance requirements and specifications with regards to size and style.

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    Bacterial Treatments: This type of hygiene treatment is a deep clean solution that eliminates odour causing bacteria. This is typically used in combination with our sanitisers, providing the ultimate protection from bacterial exposure, acid build up and unfriendly aromas.

    Anti-bacteria hand sanitiser spray: Washrooms generally can consume a high volume of traffic amongst people, thus creating an environment where hygiene is at risk. Our Anti-Bacterial spray will help increase hygiene safety and reduce the risk of cross contamination within your washroom. Our spray is easy to use, looks stylish and cost effective.

    Nappy disposal service: Make your washroom welcome to mothers and parents who have new borns. The convenience of providing a reliable nappy disposal service is a subject that parents will talk about. Our nappy units and service is very hygienic and very efficient on maintenance.

    Sanitary unit service: At Adelaide Washroom Services we have a variety of sanitary units from manual to automatic. Our sanitary disposal service is at a global standard in terms of safety and hygiene. Make your washrooms a safe and enjoyable experience for your staff, customers, clients and visitors with our most reliable, easy to use sanitary service. We provide flexible installation and maintenance options that suit your needs.

    Sharps Disposal: We meet strict Australian standards with our sharps disposal units, giving your business the edge on how your organisation portrays the importance of safety and hygiene within your work place. Our units safety store your sharps and avoid any sort of sharps contact due to the shape of our units. For a very reliable safe sharps disposal service for your washrooms please get in touch with us and check out our sharps disposal page for more information.

    Soap service: Washing hands is a critical area to any washroom and is one of the easiest ways to cross contaminate within washrooms. Our hand wash dispensers are stylish and robust at the same time to avoid any human error malfunctions and minimise the risk of miss use behaviour. For a cost effective soap service get in contact with us and we will be happy to show you our high quality PH balanced liquids available in foam texture, liquid and spray mechanisms.

    Anti-bacterial toilet seat spray: Quite often washrooms are not in the most hygienic of states especially around the toilet seat, even when they appear to look clean. Our toilet seat sprays is easy is use and drys extremely fast whilst reducing germs and bacteria by up to 99 per cent. Find out more about our toilet seat spray unit installation and maintenance services.

    Urinal and WC Sanitisers: We take a systemised approach to our urinal and WC sanitisation, every time the unit is flushed our system will clean leaving a refreshing fragrance whilst creating a protective coat layer on the exterior. This ultimately acts as an extra level of hygiene protection, minimising bacterial and any chance of cross contamination. Our urinal and WC sanitiser units can be installed in a way in which adds concealment to your washroom, while also making it easy for general maintenance.

    Urinal screens / bio tabs: We believe our urinal screens are the most effective on the market. The product dispenses perfectly even if there is an excessive amount of water being flushed through the screen. The active ingredients within the urinal screen minimises the risk of any clogs and blockages around the trap which can often be the reason to the bad odour problems. Ultimately our urinal screens and bio tabs are effective at completely removing bacteria and bad odour.

    Hygiene Consumables and paper products: We take the time to assess your washroom size and traffic usage before structuring the most suitable and appropriate hygiene consumables supply, installation and maintenance service for your organisation. We have a variety of styles and designs to suit any washroom.

    Our toilet tissue and paper products are high quality made of virgin pulp, whilst also environmentally friendly and cost effective. Our range includes:

    • – Hand towels that are slim line with a variety of options
    • – Toilet paper containing 400 sheets per roll with 1 or 2 ply options
    • – Facial tissues, 2ply and very soft with 100 to 200 sheets per box

    Paper product dispensers: We have time tested to ensure our paper product dispensers are simple and easy to use to avoid wastage. The units are all very durable with a range to choose from that suits your washroom environment. Some of our washroom paper products include:

    • – Hand towel dispenser: Plastic and stainless steel options that are also slim and contain locks to keep stock safe from tampering
    • – Paper towel dispenser with touch free sensor: This is also available with matching bins
    • – Large toilet roll holders: Stainless steel and plastic options to choose from
    • – Double and triple toilet roll holders: These also come in stainless steel and plastic options

    Waste Disposal EPA Standards

    Our management of sanitary waste disposal is up to standards inline with the Environment Protection Act 1993. Our strict guidelines and processes we follow are in place to make sure we are fully compliant with authorities and standards are always met. Our processes keep us accountable to ensure we pass regular audits, in effort to ultimately provide our clients the best possible service guaranteed.

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