Sharps Disposal Bins and Sharps Waste Management

We all know those needle stories, right? The news with needles left unclean all over the place and the bio-hazard troubles they present. Luckily, our company works with proactive and perceptive product makers that constantly look for amazing solutions to the problems of our customers. We present you highly-safe sharps disposals, available at an affordable price.

Difficult to miss, easy to use:
Our sharps disposals come with a powerful colour design that is difficult to miss. In the same time, it’s an elegant and efficient design that suits any environment and interior fashion.

Keep your staff, customers or members completely safe:
The sharps disposals provide a safe storage and disposal solution for contaminated needles or sharp objects. They are highly-secured. Our sharp disposals are made of stainless steel, covered by a durable powder that offers extreme protection against contamination or bacteria. The casing is secured by special bolts and screws that increase the resistance of the sharps disposal. The design offers the possibility of movements without the risk of needle stick or injuries because it prevents the sharps inside the disposal to be touched.

Furthermore, the design of the sharps disposal contains alert signals according to the international standards of bio-hazard symbols and warnings.
The sharps disposals are available at an affordable price and a customer service frequency that depends on your particular requirements.

We have a vast experience in the industry of sanitation and hygiene services across a variety of sanitary needs, from feminine hygiene to effective sharps hygiene solutions, ultimately providing viable solutions for our customers all the time. Our sanitary services comply with International Standards for Hygiene Regulations for the manufacturing and distribution of products that are available at particular locations.

Contact us today and secure a sharps disposal for your business washrooms. Store needles in a way that guarantees safety and low contamination risk.

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