Hand Sanitiser Dispensers – Anti Bacterial

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser imageOur hands are exposed 24/7 to bacteria infestation. We touch door handles, elevators, walls or guardrails. Moreover, we come in contact with three of the most bacterial environments: keyboards, mobile phones and money.
Regardless of the industry of your business everybody uses a keyboard, mobile phone and especially money. When touching these devices, hundreds of bacteria climb on our hands. We take them to the washroom and there you choose what happens: they are either eliminated or find the perfect place to multiply.

To make sure the bacteria of our hands is completely eliminated and we are safe from disease and infections, we provide the Hand Sanitiser Spray solution.

The enemy of hand bacteria – 100% success rate
With our Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Spray, the bacteria are eliminated from hands and the washroom is kept cleaned and hygienic. The Hand Sanitiser Spray device is made of a durable material that is easy to clean and has a resistant ABS plastic design. The device prevents cross-contamination and offers a long time cleaning operation. After using our Hand Sanitiser Spray, you don’t need a towel, hand issue or water.

  • Water-free anti-bacteria spray;
  • Skin protection;
  • WHO Approved Alcohol Content;
  • Pleasant fragrance;
  • Ultra quick drying;

Since wet or damp hands create a perfect environment for the survival of bacteria, our Hand Sanitiser Spray is made of a solution that dries quickly without drying or harming the skin. This way, we make sure we eliminate all chances of bacteria to survive. The sanitiser works well especially after washing your hands with the soap dispenser unit.

Keep your hands 100% clean:
Since most contaminating disease is transmitted via touch, your employees, clients and customers are protected for a long period of time once using the Hand Sanitiser Dispensers.

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