Bacterial Treatments – Deep Clean Hygiene System

Are you ready to join the last line of defence against bacteria?
With years of testing market’s top sanitary products, we finally found the strongest soldiers against bacteria. They don’t only break the barrier formed by all types of bacteria, but they also eliminate malodour and create a durable coat of anti-bacteria solutions.

Our choice of Bacterial Treatments and complete cleaning solutions keep your washrooms safe, sanitised and protected for longer periods of time. The Bacterial treatments destroy formations of uric acid that stain the surfaces and leave off an unpleasant odour by eliminating bacteria completely.

The Bacterial Treatment applies a physical and chemical process that completely cleans the urinal units and WC devices. This treatment guarantees an easy but highly efficient maintenance of hygienic barriers in your washroom:

  • Destroys stains and formations of uric acid;
  • Cleans off the flushing pipes and entire system;
  • Stops bacteria formation and activity;
  • Creates a durable coat of anti-bacteria protection;
  • Ensures a pleasant clean fragrance;

Our technicians that use the Bacterial Treatment are meticulous and use tools that reach throughout the entire washroom system. No spot, no bacteria will survive.
The Bacterial Treatment forms a durable and powerful protection against unpleasant odours, bacteria and disease in alliance with our sanitary products. Each sanitary product ensures a high-quality efficiency of keeping washrooms clean and comfortable.

The only thing you need to do is call us. You immediately gain a powerful team of dedicated professionals who have the right tools to exterminate unpleasant sights, odours and bacteria from all areas of your washroom including sharps disposal units. The solutions we use are eco-friendly, but not with the bacteria and germs, have incorporated skin protection deodorisers and soaps that are available in different sizes.

Contact us now and find out more about our Bacterial Treatment! We provide your business the ultimate service when it comes to washroom solutions.